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A conceptual framework for customer satisfaction in light of buyer user synergy
, Datta S
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 14
Pages: 4213 - 4221

A comprehensive literature review of the various existing theories of consumer satisfaction reveals that most of the studies treat the buyer as the end consumer. However, there are numerous practical instances where the buyer necessarily does not consume the product or experience the service. Hence there is a need to understand the nature of satisfaction levels in scenarios that consider the buyer and the user as separate inter linked entities. The salient purpose of this work is to analyze the satisfaction of a customer as a buyer-user synergy in a business environment under a proposed conceptual framework .On the basis of the proposed conceptual framework, five propositions have been made that can be further tested empirically.

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JournalInternational Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research
PublisherSerials Publications
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