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A new generalized newsvendor model with random demand
, Ghosh Soham, Sahare Mamta
Published in
Volume: 3870
Newsvendor problem is an extensively researched topic in inventory management. In this class of inventory problems, shortage and excess costs are considered to be proportional to the quantity lost. But, for critical goods or commodities, inventory decision is a typical example where, excess or shortage may lead to greater losses than merely the total cost. Such a problem has not been discussed much in the literature. Moreover, majority of the existing literature assumes the demand distribution to be completely known. In this paper, we propose a generalization of the newsvendor problem for critical goods or commodities with higher shortage or excess losses but of same degree. We also assume that, the parameters of the demand distribution are unknown. We also discuss different estimators of the optimal order quantity based on a random sample of demand. In particular, we provide different estimators based on (i) full sample and (ii) broken sample data (i.e with single order statistic). We also report comparison of the estimators using simulated bias and mean square error (MSE).MSC Codes 62P20, 62G30, 90B05, 90C15
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