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A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach to a New Dynamic Zero-Inflated Model
, Kiranmoy Das, Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh
Published in University of Sheffield
Pages: 1 - 6

We develop a dynamic zero-inflated model to analyse the number of hospital admissions within an aging population, which allows for the considerable number of zero hospital admissions at the individual level and occurrence dependence. In addition, certain health conditions may lead to groups of individuals having similar hospital admission rates. We analyse the US Health and Retirement Survey, which includes selfassessed health (SAH), which can be predictive of hospital admissions. Our modelling framework embeds a dynamic hierarchical matrix stick-breaking process to flexibly characterize this dynamic group structure allowing individuals to belong to different SAH groups at different points in time.

About the journal
JournalSheffield economic research paper series
PublisherUniversity of Sheffield
Open AccessYes