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A short note on Gaussian process modeling for large datasets using graphics processing units

Mark Franey, , Hugh Chipman
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The graphics processing unit (GPU) has emerged as a powerful and cost effective processor for general performance computing. GPUs are capable of an order of magnitude more floating-point operations per second as compared to modern central processing units (CPUs), and thus provide a great deal of promise for computationally intensive statistical applications. Fitting complex statistical models with a large number of parameters and/or for large datasets is often very computationally expensive. In this study, we focus on Gaussian process (GP) models--statistical models commonly used for emulating expensive computer simulators. We demonstrate that the computational cost of implementing GP models can be significantly reduced by using a CPU+ GPU heterogeneous computing system over an analogous implementation on a traditional computing system with no GPU acceleration. Our small study suggests that GP models are fertile ground for further implementation on CPU+ GPU systems.

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