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A study on the extent of ethical values and perception of ethical conduct on counterproductive behaviour of future managers
, M Kavyashree
Published in
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Pages: 1 - 19

Ethical issues at the workplace have once again become topical and important due to considerable adverse publicity surrounding reports of unethical business practices by corporate managers. Business schools have come under a lot of criticism recently for not adequately teaching their students how to apply ethical principles in the workplace. This study investigates the impact of individual ethical values and perceptions of ethical conduct on counterproductive behavior of business students (n=130) both of business and non-business streams of an Educational Institute. This is necessary as business students are likely to become managers during their career and will face complex ethical concerns and dilemmas in their daily, routine affairs. Business schools play a fundamental role in helping future leaders understand the importance of practical leadership throughout an organization. Instrumental Value, Age and Gender had a significant impact on counterproductive behavior of students. Principled Value, Caring Value, Business Major and GPA (Grade Point Average) did not have an impact on Counterproductive Behavior of students. Implications of the results of the study for business schools and industry professionals are discussed.

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