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Adoption of Common Service Centre with presence of intermediary for delivery of e-Government services: A conceptual framework
Rajesh Sharma,
Published in IOS Press
Volume: 22
Pages: 261 - 268
Government of India is making large investments for providing e-Government services to citizens under its National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) 2006. Common Service Centres (CSCs) are envisaged as one of the pillars of the delivery mechanism of e-Government services in rural areas where the availability of Internet, literacy levels of citizens and PC penetration is rather low. This channel of delivery is quite different from that of developed countries because citizens do not interact directly with technology. An intermediary called as the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) delivers the services to the citizens and technology is manifested to the citizens by results of his interactions at the CSC. The study aims to develop a conceptual framework for adoption of CSCs by the citizens in this unique context. A qualitative study is carried out to identify the factors that can augment the technology adoption constructs. The study reveals that quality of service delivered at CSC may be an important determinant for adoption of CSCs. The proposed conceptual framework is intended to form the basis of future empirical studies in similar context in India and in other developing countries.
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JournalInnovation and the Public Sector
PublisherIOS Press
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