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Agile or Plan-Driven: Software Development Methodology Selection Using Personality Traits of Developers
, Anuj Sharma
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In the software development, the most challenging task is to select the development methodology that isappropriate as per user requirements, problem domain complexity and development team. Since thereare many software development methodologies, project managers face problems to decide whichmethodology to apply in a software project and then how to select the development team appropriate forthe methodology. While the main issues related to development team are team experience, maturity,team size, and organizational culture, it is equally important to understand the different working personalities of software developers. This paper investigates applicability of Big-Five personalitydimensions of the developers to predict the suitability and appropriateness of plan-driven or agilesoftware development methodology. The empirical evidence presented in this paper suggests that personality traits like extraversion and agreeableness can indicate the interest and inclination towards plan-driven or agile methodology. The knowledge of appropriate software development methodology as per developers’ specific personality traits may help in better staffing of development teams and more importantly in improving the success rate of software projects.

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JournalContemporary Research Issues and Challenges in Emerging Economies
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