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A Study on Job Evaluation-Point Factor Analysis in Sme's

Published in Indian Journals

Job Evaluation is a cultural artifact it is a tangible process that people can see in operation, hear about, and be affected by. The factors used in analytical job evaluation schemes to assist in making judgments about relative worth express the beliefs of the organization about what is felt to be important when valuing jobs and people. They deliver two messages to employees: this is how we value your contribution; this is what we are paying for.

A fair pay structure is an essential element of the personnel policy of a firm. If the pay structure is perceived as arbitrary by the members of the staff, it becomes a cause of disturbance of the working relations. Job evaluation is a traditional tool used by companies to assist in the process of determining pay structures that can be also useful to detect and combat wage discrimination, since allow determining whether two jobs are of comparable worth or not.

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JournalAsian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management
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