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An Experiential Approach to Transcending Cross-Cultural Boundaries

Published in NeilsonJournals Publishing
Volume: 12
Pages: 35 - 48

The role of international marketing (IM) education is growing with the increasing importance of international trade. However, IM education is often criticized that, while it provides a theoretical understanding of the business environment, cultural aspects of the business and the environment often get neglected. IM education suffers from a lack of experiential orientation and is said to lack a practical perspective, which can limit its effectiveness. The authors emphasize the importance of experiential learning in IM education by drawing on their own experience as IM educators/practitioners and, supplementing these with observations and discussion and inferences synthesized from extant research in the domain of IM education. They propose that experiential education in IM is feasible and can be implemented, and these can benefit students as well as IM practitioners. The authors recommend a number of practices that may prove helpful to IM educators in providing an experiential learning for IM students. The contribution and implication of the study are also discussed.

About the journal
JournalJournal of International Business Education
PublisherNeilsonJournals Publishing
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