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An exploratory-formulative study of executive dispute handling capability, morphology, measurement and modalities

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Dispute handling capability is a critical resource in society given that disputes are an ever present reality in social, economic and political activity spheres. Over the years, there has been a surfeit of scholarly endeavor in the social sciences and in applied fields of research in understanding the morphology and substance of disputes. The main contribution of the current study to this genre of research would be to examine one important aspect of this area of research - disputes handling capability. Dispute handling capability in this study will be examined in the organizational-managerial context and, therefore, the subjects of this study will be executives working in organizational contexts. Since dispute handling capability is present, experienced, acquired and utilized not only in an executive’s organizational and professional life but also in his/her personal and social life, this study proposes to decode this capability as experienced behind and beyond concrete situations.

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