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An overview of depersonalization in the organizational context
, Abhishek Kumar Totawar
Published in SCRIBD
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 64 - 72

Little research exists on the concept of depersonalization in non-clinical and organizational settings. Since its origin, the concept has been mainly studied as a 'disorder' in clinical population. It was described as a state in which an individual experiences feelings, thoughts, memories, or bodily sensations as not belonging to oneself. Gradually, researchers from non-clinical domains also borrowed the concept. In organizational context, depersonalization is studied as a reaction to stress, wherein, individuals limit their involvement with others and distance themselves psychologically. This article reviews the available literature on depersonalization and provides an understanding of the concept in the organizational context. This paper presents origin of the concept, definitional issues, and a conceptual model showing antecedents and consequences of depersonalization. It is expected that this paper will encourage further research in the domain and provide pointers to practising managers who generally face problems relating to depersonalization.

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JournalIndore Management Journal
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