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Analysis on Intelligent Based Navigation and Path Finding of Autonomous Mobile Robot
, Hrudya Kumar Tripathy
Published in Springer India
Pages: 219 - 232

Path-finding is a fundamental problem, which involves for solving a planning problem seeking optimal paths from start state to a goal state. This review paper focused on usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in path-finding and navigation for an autonomous mobile robot. The RFID tags (IC tags) are used for the purpose of tracing the current co-ordinate/location of the Robot. Various searching algorithms are analyzed for the purpose towards navigation of mobile robot. Different soft-computing techniques like Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network, and Fuzzy Logic are considered. This research also focused on some hybrid algorithm for path-finding and navigation of mobile robot. Different methods like cellular automata, Network Simplex Method, Complete Coverage Navigation etc. are also studied.

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