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Biotechnogy and Bioinformatics: can india emulate the software success story
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India has achieved considerable success in the software industry with the industry accounting for almost 2% of GDP and 14% of exports in 2000-01. Biotechnology and bioinformatics are two new knowledge-intensive sectors often cited as possibilities for repeating the software success story. What led to India’s success in the software industry? What can be learnt from it? And is this experience transferable to other industries such as biotechnology? If not, are there other ways of achieving rapid growth in these new industries? This study seeks to answer these questions.

To explore these questions, we first look at models of latecomer success in different industries that have been reported in the literature. We then identify a dynamic model for India’s success in the software industry and compare it with the models in the literature and argue that the Indian software industry success seems to represent a different model. We next look at the biotechnology and bioinformatics industries globally and identify predominant trends in these industries. We look at India’s current position in these two industries and investigate the likelihood of the country succeeding in these businesses using either the models proposed in the literature or the software model. We conclude with some general comments on latecomer success.

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