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Can fairness explain satisfaction? Mediation of quality of work life (QWL) in the influence of organizational justice on job satisfaction
, Abhishek K Totawar
Published in AMDISA
Volume: 21
Issue: 2
Pages: 101 - 122

Previous research has demonstrated a positive influence o f organizational justice on job satisfaction; however, the underlying mechanism of this relation is yet to be explored. We first studied the pronounced relation between these two variables; then drawing from the social exchange perspective we proposed Quality of Work Life (QWL) as an explanatory variable for this relation. A mediation model is proposed with QWL mediating the relationship between organizational justice and job satisfaction. Data from 204 managerial employees confirmed this mediation. It also establishes organizational justice as an antecedent of QWL. This study offers a new perspective on basis of the unique nature and functions of QWL; the 'open to control nature of QWL presents itself as a means of organizational interventions, and thereby contributing in appraisal of employees' job satisfaction. The study extends existing knowledge on job satisfaction, by establishing QWL as an explanatory variable. This is a substantial understanding because fairness perceptions are relatively less controllable by organizational interventions, in contrast QWL can easily be managed by regular organizational interventions.

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JournalSouth Asian Journal of Management
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