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Changes in the Indian Economy: Impact on HR Practices & Industrial Relations
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Volume: 51
Issue: 1
The author brings forth here the˚\nchanges that were evident in the˚\nmacroeconomic conditions of the˚\ncountry in the preceding decade˚\nand how they affected organizational˚\nactors. It was found that˚\nsuch changes had a profound˚\nimpact on the human resource˚\nmanagement practices of the˚\nfirms as well as on the industrial˚\nrelations climate of the country.˚\nWork arrangements have evolved˚\ndrastically in the past ten years˚\nand have challenged the existing˚\nnorms within the firm and also˚\nbrought the industrial relations˚\nclimate under strain. The article˚\ntraces how different human resource˚\npractices have changed to˚\nadapt to the dynamic exogenous˚\nenvironment.
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JournalIndian Journal of Industrial Relations
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