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Closed loop repairable parts inventory system: A literature review
, Sudhir Ambekar
Published in Serials Publications
Volume: 14
Pages: 31 - 47

The paper reviews published literature related to multi - echelon inventory modelsfor repairable items. Our objective is to understand the existing analytical modelsand their application in the context of the management of spare parts where repairfacilities are resource - constrained. The focus of the review is restricted to the modelswhich are suitable for practical application. A variety of models applicable to multi –echelon inventory system are reviewed and the Multi - Echelon Technique forRecoverable Item Control (METRIC) model and its variations, Level of Repair Analysis(LORA) are described. Taxonomy, showing the current position in the context of theexisting research is also presented

About the journal
JournalIndian Journal of Economics and Business
PublisherSerials Publications
Open AccessYes
Concepts (4)
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    Repairable parts inventory system
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    Multi - echelon technique forrecoverable item control
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    Queuing models
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    Level-of-repair analysis (lora)