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Cognitive barriers to information flow & sharing
, Abessi M., Latifah S.
Published in International Business Information Management Association, IBIMA
Volume: 1-3
Pages: 975 - 981
This study identifies the various individual and organizational factors which are likely to influence free flow of information and the information sharing process in organizations. Information is a resource that should be aligned with an organization business's objectives in order to gain benefits for the organization. Information need to be shared among employees who can make profitable use of it. However, employees seldom share information or would rather keep the information to themselves unless it is requested from them. Data collected from 817 respondents were analyzed using structural equation modeling technique (SEM). Research results indicate that job satisfaction and individual sharing attitude do not influence the individual cognitive attributes. Results also indicate that individual cognitive attributes mediate the relation between leadership, job characteristics, and organizational structure with individual information sharing behavior.
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PublisherInternational Business Information Management Association, IBIMA
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