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Conquering the Chaos: Win in India, Win Everywhere
Published in Scribd
Volume: 4
Pages: 65 - 67

The book celebrates the distinctiveness of India as a place to do business. The essence of it is that those who learn to be successful here can succeed in other unfamiliar and difficult environments as well. The book makes a persuasive argument that rather than looking for way to quickly skim the market, it makes sense for multinational companies (MNCs) to make long term commitment to this unique land.Rather than getting overwhelmed by the chaotic nature of Indian business landscape, MNCs should learn how to innovate and succeed in a humungous price conscious but demanding market with its atypical set of requirements. Though the biggest barrier to succeed in India seemingly stems from internal culture and mind-set at headquarters of MNCs. Propensity to look at the new market for easy gains using sales-oriented approach, inability to trust local leadership adequately combined with tendency to rigidly replicate products, business models and operating systems that have worked at home market drives many MNCs business in India into a "midway trap"; insignificant as compared to global growth and profits.

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JournalIndore Management Journal
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