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Consumer Based Brand Equity Derived from Visual Design Perception of Interactive Devices
Published in Common Ground Research Networks
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 16
Aesthetics, as a broader concept of outer appearance clubbed with other sensory appeal, has been well researched for its effect on consumption value. However, there are still gaps left in how the visual judgment affects different facets of experience. Even further, the effecst of such experiences on the brand associations and imagery by the user has been scantily studied. This study attempts to bridge that gap by understanding the sequential buildup of user experience as a consequence of positive visual design perception. Further, we establish the effect of those on consumer based brand equity (CBBE). Scale for visual design perception was developed qualitatively, while items for constructs of experience-usability, social value and pleasure-and CBBE were borrowed from literature. We found that visual design affects all the three dimensions on user experience. Regarding relation of experience to brand equity, social value and pleasure had a positive relation to CBBE but not usability, possibly hinting at sequential buildup of user experience. The study turns a new leaf in two ways-firstly, demonstrating a novel way to measure visual design perception and secondly, supporting the crucial effect of visual design perception on CBBE.
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JournalThe International Journal of Visual Design
PublisherCommon Ground Research Networks
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