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Cultural intelligence and engagement amongst India's IT professionals

Published in
Volume: 33
Issue: 2
Pages: 16 - 28

Presently, Information Technology, IT, companies need individuals with skills and knowledge which help them to face challenging demands and requirements of international assignments. Cultural intelligence, CQ has emerged as an important variable that facilitates expatriates, adjustment, and job performance during an international assignment, where an employee is required to work in a different work environment. This research aims to study two important variables, CQ and engagement among male and female IT professionals, who are exposed to international assignments. Based on a sample of 310 expatriates, the relationship between CQ and engagement for both the genders are examined. Results indicate a positive and significant relationship exists between various dimensions of CQ and engagement for both male and female IT professionals. The results of the study have been interpreted in light of the findings of past research. The output of this research contributes to the body of knowledge in the area of cross-cultural management and has practical implications to the IT firms who are sending their employees for international assignments.

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JournalSingapore Management Review
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