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Effect of Consumer Design Perception on Brand Equity: Fuzzy Association Rule Application in R

, B K Mohanty, Satyabhushan Dash
Published in South Asia Publications
Volume: 15
Pages: 43 - 59

The present paper attempts to understand the relationship of consumer design perception of interactive devices on overall consumer brand equity generated. The paper carries forward work in recreating the design cognition of a smartphone by a user and adapts the framework. The study uses fuzzy association rules (FAS) to explore into this relation using the “frbs” package in R. When considering all antecedents together, 32 fuzzy linguistic rule-set were generated by the algorithm based on Mamdani rule set. These rules were then interpreted to have a clear idea on what are the relative effects of design element on brand equity for a smartphone manufacturer. Bivariate relationship was also understood by running a one-on-one analysis between an independent and dependent variable. In those cases, only 2 fuzzy rules were extracted per pair. In parallel, conventional analysis was run in form of path analysis and linear regression to corroborate and integrate the findings of the fuzzy technique. The study found a synchronized evolution of the causal effect of each antecedent on the consequent of brand equity. The relative effect of each design construct was analyzed from the fuzzy rules and suitable recommendations given.

About the journal
JournalJournal of Management Research
PublisherSouth Asia Publications
Open AccessYes
Concepts (4)
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    Design perception
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    Brand equity
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    Fuzzy logic
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    Linguistic rules.