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Examining the role of anthropomorphism on consumer’s brand evaluation
Published in repositorio-aberto.up.pt

Purpose: The present study investigates consumers’ evaluation of anthropomorphized brand under the influence of negative information. The study empirically examines the role played by consumer’s thinking style (holistic and analytic) in moderating the effect of negative information towards evaluation of anthropomorphized brand

Design/methodology/approach: The study adopts experimental 2 (brands: anthropomorphized /nonanthropomorphized) X 2 (thinking style: analytic / holistic) between-subjects design to evaluate anthropomorphized brand keeping negative information constant

Findings: The participants with analytic thinking evaluated anthropomorphized brand more unfavorably than nonanthropomorphized brand post exposure to negative information. Also, it was found that holistic thinkers remain indifferent to both anthropomorphized and non-anthropomorphized brand.

Research limitations/implications: While investigating negative occurrences for anthropomorphized brands, it’s important to consider the contextual factors at play that are vital to consumers, as negative incidents does not arise in isolation. The present study does not cover significance given to contextual factors. So to deepen the understanding role of such factors and negative information might be consider in future.

Practical implications: The study is expected to help in dealing with negative information by considering the holistic and analytic thinking style of consumers towards anthropomorphized brands. This would help practitioners to embrace strategies that develop holistic thinking amongst consumers when exposed to negative situation.

Originality/value: The study contributes to the existing body of knowledge in exploring consumer-brand relationship and anthropomorphized branding. The present study would offer theoretical and empirical explanation for the underlying process involving negative impact on anthropomorphized brand.

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