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Exploring the Influence of Movie Genre on Destination Image and Travel Intentions

, Veenus Tiwari, Shivani Trivedi
Published in 한국관광학회
Volume: 83
Pages: 579 - 583

Tourist seek information to develop heuristics to ease the complex process of selecting a particular destination. Type and amount of information available to consumer about destinations is considered to be among the important determinants of destination image formation. Among the sources of information; news-papers, travelogues and popular culture are commonly used by the tourists to gather information Movies are one of the foremost source of portraying a particular destination, movies helps the audience to realistically visualize the place. Thus the effect of watching a movie showcasing a destination is likely to be significant in formation of destination image. This study attempts to explore; how depiction of destinations, movie genre influences the stereotypes in the minds of tourist? Also the role risk taking and sensation seeking psychological characteristics in individuals’ formation of destination image. The study uses systematically designed between subject experiments to capture the response of individuals. It was found that in case of unfamiliar destinations, people tend to develop stereo types based on the depiction of the destination in movies. The travel intentions, destination image and destination personality were found to be evaluated differently for different genres. The groups with positive depiction of location were positively evaluation.

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