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Factor Influencing Green Purchasing Behaviour
, S J C E Mysore, Sunaina R S J C E Mysore
Published in
Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Pages: 68 - 85
The present study identifies key antecedents of Green Purchase Behaviour and develops a model for explaining their influence on ecological consumption. Using factor analysis, linear regression and two stage least squares method, the effects of Collectivism (C), Environmental Concern (EC), Skepticism (SK) and Perceived Consumer Effectiveness (PCE) on ecological purchase/Green Purchasing Behavior (GPB) which is the dependent variable and their was developed based on the literature review and the variables which emerged from this were put together in the form of a model by conducting an exploratory study. In the first phase an interview of six people was conducted for understanding the phenomena of Green Purchasing Behavior, the understanding of which was used to select concepts and variables of interest from the extant literature. The research instrument was administered to 50 respondents in the pilot study; the responses were subjected to factor analytic procedures for scale purification, checking of content validity, reliability and sample size determination. The questionnaire thus obtained was used for main study consisted 42 items on a five questionnaire was administered to 97 respondents using snowball sampling method vide in home personal face to face interview method using structured questionnaire. Factor analysis was conducted and the questionnaire was also tested for its reliability. Linear regression analysis and two stage least squares analysis was also conducted on this data. Results suggest that the influence of Collectivism and Environmental Concern which are the independent variables directly influence Green Purchasing Behavior. Perceived Consumer Effectiveness and Skepticism which are considered as the moderating variables also directly influence Green Purchasing Behavior. These moderating variables do not influence the independent variables but instead have a direct impact on the dependent variable i.e., Green Purchasing Behavior. Also, the results suggests that the independent variables are inversely co-related i.e., an increase in one variable
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