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From Jugaad To Systematic Innovation
Published in Nevellos Graffiti Scanning(I) Pvt. Ltd.

Why is India unable to be the source of major industrial innovations on a sustained basis even though it has highly skilled talent and a penchant for jugaad (creative improvisation)? This book draws on social, cultural, political, economic and managerial arguments to explain this paradox. Replete with a strong conceptual framework, case studies, examples, and data relating to India’s innovation performance, this book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the future of Indian industry. The book consists of five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the topic and explains why innovation is important for India. Chapter 2 draws on theory and country experiences to identify the factors influencing innovation output. Chapter 3 provides a snapshot of India’s current position on key innovation indicators. Chapter 4 seeks explanations for why India has been unable to achieve its innovation potential. The final chapter proposes a road map to put India on a higher industrial innovation trajectory.

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