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Gender Wage Inequality Among Internal Migrants: Evidence from India
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Understanding the gender wage gap differential has remained an interesting issue among
policy makers in both developed and developing countries. The last few decades have
witnessed a fall in the gender wage gap mostly in the developed countries (Nicodemo,
2009). Glass-ceiling effect is found by Arulampalam et al. (2007) for eleven European
countries, De la Rica et al. (2008) for Spain and Albrecht et al. (2009) for Netherlands.
De la Rica et al. (2008) find evidence of glass ceiling effect for the highly educated and
glass-floor effect for the less educated. Nordman et al., (2011) find higher wage gap
differential across seven West African cities, which have higher gender education gap
and female labor force participation. Nicodemo (2009) based on European household
panel data finds that the existence of a sticky floor and declining glass ceiling effect and
discrimination dominating the characteristic effect.

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