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Guest Editorial Preface on Engaging Flexible Knowledge Workers for Greater Performance Editorial Preface
, Manish Gupta, K P Reddy
Published in

Modern organizations perform and thrive on the engagement and flexibility of their knowledge workers. It is primarily because such flexible knowledge workers are experts in their field, rarely available, expensive to hire and provide services only for the short term. If engaged properly, they can contribute significantly to organizational productivity. However, the extant literature on understanding the predictors of group or organizational performance relates to the organizational behavior and human resource management theories. While those theories are valuable to predict the behaviors of the non-flexible workforce, more attention to knowledge management theories is required to predict the flexible knowledge workers’ behavior. Therefore, this article briefly reviews the existing state of knowledge management, relates knowledge workers with engagement, and discusses directions for future research. It then introduces the articles in this special issue by inter-linking them with a common thread of knowledge management and organizational outcomes

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JournalInternational Journal of Knowledge Management 14 (4), VI-XII
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