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Indiahikes: Treading the Untrodden Trail

, Sanjeev Tripathi
Published in Ivey Publishing

Founded in 2008, Indiahikes provided professionally managed treks to individuals, groups, schools, colleges, and corporations across India. Indiahikes began with the objective to popularize trekking in India by promoting treks and providing essential information. Before long, the organization began organizing treks and developing a community of trekkers. By 2018, Indiahikes had the largest online trekking community and was India's biggest trekking organization. Having reached a crucial point in its growth, the company needed a strategy to reach its full potential as the top community-led organization. However, it needed to earn adequate profits for continued investment into trek documentation and to develop trekking communities across India. Indiahikes also needed to address capacity constraints, market saturation, the retention of trained staff members, and conflicts with regional trek operators. Its growth path required exploring opportunities and making important decisions.

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