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Indian and Western Concept of Personalities: A review
, V Varyani
Published in

Early researchers have focused on describing personality and generalizing it to people all over the world with no exception to culture or context in which they have been brought up (Ciccarelli & Meyer, 2008). However, more recently since the exploration of indigenous psychology, personality is been looked at through more local lens (Srivastava, 2012). Many researchers have also focused upon giving a combined approach to personality where they have combined the key concepts of early researchers of personality with the indigenous concept of personality (Suresh, Sridhar, Nagendra, & Nagendra, 2018) This paper focuses on giving a brief overview of how the concept of personality is being treated in western context and how similar/different is it in the Indian context. This paper argues when a research is conducted and generalised to a context, it would be more reliable to operationally define the concept appropriately with respect to that context and measure it through a scale that analyses the same concept..

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