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Indian women at work
, Dorien Van de Mieroop
Published in John Benjamins Publishing Company
Volume: 69
Pages: 147 - 164
Over the last two decades, an increasing number of women have joined the Indian workforce, but, as Indian society is still largely patriarchal, they struggle for full membership in the professional ingroup. Drawing on Lewis and Simpson’s ‘(In)visibility Vortex’ (2012), we investigate from a discursive angle how these concepts are talked into being in interviews with female Indian professionals. Zooming in on one interview, we found that the interviewee’s stories demonstrate a general tendency towards ‘invisibility’, but they also uncover gender-based boundaries within the male dominated workplace. Finally, we also discuss how the interviewee’s transgression of such boundaries clashes with Indian cultural norms of acceptable female behavior, and instead of leading to inclusion in the workplace, it actually leads to ‘visibility’ and an emphasis on the interviewee’sothernessin identity terms.
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JournalIdentity Struggles: Evidence from workplaces around the world
PublisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
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