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Influence of Organizational Climate on Prosocial Organizational Behavior
, M Luthufi, Sasmita Palo, Biju Varkkey
Published in
Volume: 55
Issue: 4
Pages: 604 - 617

Organizations continuously seek to create an environment where employees go beyond their job brief and engage in others’ welfare enhancing behaviors that eventually contribute to higher standards. The study aims to examine the relationship between organizational climate (OC) and prosocial organizational behavior (PSOB). Using social exchange theoretical premise, three dimensions of OC such as warmth, standards and identity were used to examine their relationship with PSOB. The data was drawn from 387 nurses working in two non-profit hospitals in a southern state in India. Results indicate that all three dimensions of OC (warmth, standards and identity) significantly predict PSOB in non-profit hospitals. It imparts important insights to researchers and managers of non-profit hospitals about OC dimensions that have to be given much attention to institutionalize PSOB.

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JournalIndian Journal of Industrial Relations
Open AccessNo