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Information and Technology: Muddling Policies with Practices in Indian Agriculture
, Kushankur Dey
Published in ProQuest
Volume: 51
Issue: 1
Pages: 1 - 7

Indian agriculture is at crossroads and one of the major hurdles is to turn around the deceleration in agricultural growth. Reasons behind the poor performance are due to less public-private participation in terms of bulk allocation, transport, procurement, and storage of agri-commodities besides the low productivity yielding from the tiny economic holding of Indian farming community. Despite intensifying the mono-cropping and managing buffer-stocks or making distortions caused by the government interventions in wheat market in the recent past, attention on fair price realization for the farmers is a concurrent issue. There is a school of thought saying that free-market approach to agricultural policy would be much more effective to improve the income of farmers. In the backdrop of much discussed and debatable issues on technology (genetically modified/GM crops) and information (commodity markets), this article has come out with three propositions with respect to sustainability issues and risk management. Hence, this article is an attempt to reiterate the concurrent issues, scope, and redefining the frontier in Indian agriculture by converging government, industry, and academia towards better policies followed by better practices.

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