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International Alliance strategies in International Business Expansion – A case of International Business strategies of Wipro
Published in i-manager Publications
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Pages: 59 - 69

In an attempt to accomplish sustained competitive advantages in global marketplaces, Indian multinational cooperation’s in recent years have turned increasingly use of ICVs (International cooperative ventures). The success of ICVs largely depends on appropriate selection of local partners. There are three type of International business strategies selection criteria namely strategic, organizational and financial. A partner with superior strategic traits but lacking strong organizational and financial characteristics may result in an unstable joint venture. A partner with superior financial strengths without strategies an organizational competence can lead to an unsustainable venture. A company has to first study its long-term goals and have a clear strategic planning as Wipro had done in software industry. This paper deals with in detail the strength and weakness of Indian software industry and how wipro transformed itself to a multinational company by leveraging its strength and compatibility by going for an international alliance with international MNCs.

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