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Learning Networks in Organizations: A Consultant's Eye view
Published in Academy of Management
Volume: 2019
Issue: 1

Multi-level learning is key to an organization’s fitness for constant change and renewal. As a result, scholarly interest in understanding the process of organizational learning has greatly increased over the past couple of decades. Social network analysis is argued, can be used to capture information processing at multiple levels, to capture relational data (expressed as linkages between actors), and can yield actionable insights for changes within the organization. As a consultant, social network seems to be the connecting link for understanding organizational learning as a process and suggesting key recommendations for strategic renewal. Results of the consultative process carried out in an electrical and electronics firm in India reveal the pattern of information sharing among members, groups and at the organization level. The sociographs and network measures developed in Thomas and Vohra (2015) were used to analyse the network information flow. The study provides deeper understanding of how ‘people’ relationships affect learning at various levels. This study used a multilevel perspective to examine organizational learning networks and has important implications for methodological advances and managerial practices of consultants.

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JournalAcademy of Management Proceedings
PublisherAcademy of Management
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