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Main Building Refurbishing Project at NIM1
Published in IIM Indore
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Pages: 30 - 33

NIM had put up its first building (now called as Main building) in the year 2003. Main building was an asthetic design on the hillock in a circular geometry. It comprised of 3 faculty blocks (FB-1, FB-2 and FB-3), 2 administrative blocks (AB-1 and AB-2) and 4 classroom blocks (CB-1, CB-2, CB-3 and CB-4) located tangentially on the circular geometry (see Figure-1). Main building's external surface was clad with popular sand stones of light pinkish shade. With increasing age of the building, these stones started falling (on the ground) after losing their bond with the external surface of the building. This posed a great risk to the safety of the main building users. Hence, NIM decided to remove them and refurbish the main building to enhance its strength and appearance. The various activities of the project along-with their precedent relationships, and total work content are shown in Exhibit-1. This project was awarded to Mid-India Construction Company (MICC) after a due tendering process on November 21, 2012 with a tendered cost of Rupees Three crores. As per the tender's terms and conditions, MICC had to finish the project within eight months fromthe award date of the contract. The major milestones of the project in tender are shown in Exhibit-2.

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