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Mass movement needed for better governance
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Corporate governance in India faces the dilemma of being followed in letter but not spirit, often defeating the purpose. We need to bring corporate governance down from its high pedestal and make it a part of routine managerial practice. The report of the Cadbury Committee in the UK, almost two decades ago, was considered a watershed moment in the history of corporate governance. Since it was released, we have had several committees of our own headed by eminent industrialists like Naryana Murthy and Kumaramangalam Birla. Clauses 49 of the listing agreement and amendments to the Companies Act have sought to usher in an era of improved governance in our country. But, after all this, has there been real improvement in the quality of corporate governance in our country?. Read more at: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/variety/mass-movement-needed-for-better-governance/article23031499.ece

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