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Medical Tourism and Patient Satisfaction: A Grounded Theory Approach
Published in Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Pages: 339 - 345

A lot has been written about the potential of medical tourism in the developing world and especially in countries such as India, Thailand and some Latin American countries (Bookman, 2007). The idea of high quality, low-cost medical treatment coupled with some sightseeing looks attractive. This form of healthcare outsourcing has laid a lot of emphasis on the tourism part as part of the package. Global health care outsourcing came in to picture when developed nations such as UK etc. did not increment their capacity in providing medical care, resulting in backlogs for essential procedures etc (Sohani. Singh, & Pandey, 2015). In USA the reason was cost. Health care coverage can be extremely costly to retain and also it is not necessary that all the procedures are covered in the plan that is procured.

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JournalInternational Conference on Global Health & Medical Tourism
PublisherIndian Institute of Management Kozhikode
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