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Mobile advertising: A review of the literature
Published in Westburn Publishers Ltd
Volume: 15
Issue: 2
Pages: 161 - 128
Mobile advertising is a term used for advertising using any mobile device such as mobile phones, tablets, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). In line with existing literature, the current study also uses the term 'mobile advertising' for advertising on any mobile device. The purpose of this paper is to highlight key research issues in the area of mobile advertising. Through a thorough scan of extant literature published in the last ten years, the paper highlights key issues related to mobile advertising. The paper categorises existing research into four areas relevant to mobile advertising: technology, permission, consumer attitudes, and acceptance and success factors. Based on the review, a framework is proposed. Further, it is found that available research on mobile advertising has a serious limitation: either it addresses one specific type of advertising medium, or the findings of the studies are specific to a geographical location or country. Another limitation is related to the scales or instruments used in existing literature for measuring various constructs that are not specific to mobile advertising. Thus, the paper highlights the need for development of new instruments for measuring the distinct parameters of mobile advertising.
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JournalThe Marketing Review
PublisherWestburn Publishers Ltd
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