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Motivating E-Learners-A Case Study of E-Learning Seeking an Advanced Degree from UNITAR
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Volume: 3
Issue: 4

Virtual education is the biggest breakthrough experienced by the education system in recent times. While virtual education stands out as a solution towards elevating the" educated" status of humankind, it also falls prey to the education system's biggest problem-motivating its audience/students. Maintaining and sustaining the motivational level of e-learners is a big challenge for this type of education. A high drop out rate from such courses is a clue that this system of education requires additional efforts on the part of educators to motivate their students. Critics of online distance education have alarmed the public recently with reports of severe drop rates and attrition in online classes. The notion that more students will drop out of online classes than traditional face-to-face classes enjoys the widespread acceptance usually reserved for scientific precepts (Parker, 1999; Carr, 2000). Like many of the over hyped e …

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