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Nonlinear Dynamics of Voltage Fluctuation in Power Plants for Strategic Decisions
, Santo Banerjee, Pranab K. Dan
Published in IGI Global
Pages: 352 - 367

The stability of output of a power station is an important criterion for power supply. It is always desired that the voltage and frequency of output of any power plant should be stable. The nature of fluctuations, if any, in the output, needs thorough investigation. If the fluctuation has high degree of chaos as revealed by the time series representing the voltage, then such fluctuation may be controlled by introducing unconventional sources of power like hydro, wind, et cetera in the grid. The authors have analyzed the daily voltage output from five different thermal power stations in Eastern India. To analyze the dynamics of the time series the authors have used the techniques from nonlinear dynamics Delay Embedded Phase Reconstruction and Empirical Mode Decomposition. The studies show that the dynamics of the time path of voltage output of Biharshariff, Maithon, and Jeypore power plants are more or less chaotic in nature. Therefore, it may be inferred that in those particular grids other sources of power generation may be introduced.

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JournalChaos and Complexity Theory for Management Advances in Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage
PublisherIGI Global
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