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Nurses' Perception about Human Resource Management System and Prosocial Organisational Behaviour: Mediating Role of Job Efficacy
, L Moothedath, S Palo, B Varkkey
Published in Wiley
Volume: 13355

Aims: To examine the relationship between nurses' perception about human resource management system and prosocial organisational behaviour through job efficacy.

Background: Literature suggests that non-profit organisations are often confronted with financial constraints on one side and the expectation of delivering high-quality services on the other. Employees voluntarily engaging in service-oriented behaviours help to bridge this gap to some extent and human resource management systems play a significant role in eliciting the requisite behaviours. In this article, the case of nurses from non-profit hospitals has been undertaken to examine the aspects of human resource management system that need focus while promoting prosocial organisational behaviours among the nurses for ensuring better service delivery.

Method: Cross-sectional design was employed. Data was collected from 387 nurses working in non-profit hospitals in India through questionnaires and were analysed with the help of structural equation modelling.

Findings: In the absence of sophisticated human resource system in non-profit hospitals, the study found that nurses' perception about human resource management system are positively related to prosocial organisational behaviours, and job efficacy partially mediates the relationship.

Conclusion: Positive perceptions such as involvement with the job and communication as well as supervisors' support are essential human resource practices for fostering self-efficacy and, thus, improving prosocial organisational behaviour of nurses working in non-profit hospitals.

Implication for nursing management: Non-profit hospitals should focus on nurses' participation and supervisory support, which would provide a better human touch approach to patient care and also improve service quality. The findings shed light on the nursing management of non-profit hospitals in terms of human resource management systems that have to be given much attention for institutionalizing Prosocial organisational behaviour.

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