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Optimization of earthwork cost for road project using mathematical programming
, Prasanta K Sahub, Debopam Roy
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Earthmoving is one of the critical cost activities in road construction projects. Earthmoving includes the preparation of layers such as embankment and subgrade for different segments of the road project. A large quantity of soil is located and moved from various borrow areas to different road segments for such preparation. A careful logistics planning for earthwork can make considerable saving in logistics cost due to large number of feasible options available to project team. This paper set it as a transportation problem and proposes the linear programming approach to plan the movement of soil from various borrow areas to different part of road segments with the objective of minimizing total logistics cost. It is observed that the optimal distribution plan is superior to some judgmental or common sense method for such logistics planning

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Journal3rdConference of Transportation Research Group of India
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    Earthwork logistics optimization
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    Linear programming
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    Road construction