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Order Imbalance and Returns: Evidence of Lead-Lag Relationship
, Nikhil Rastogi, V N Reddy
Published in IUP Publications
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Pages: 34 - 48

The paper explores the lead-lag relationship between the variables of order imbalance and return in futures and spot markets. Order imbalance is defined as the difference between buyer and seller initiated trades. Using tick test, the trades have been classified as buyer and seller initiated. The paper finds positive correlation between the variables of order imbalance in the futures market and the returns in the spot market. This relationship is further explored using a VAR framework for daily as well as a shorter interval of 120 min. The results reveal that even after controlling for lagged futures and spot returns, the futures market imbalance has a significant effect on spot market returns.

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JournalIUP Journal of Financial Management
PublisherIUP Publications
Open AccessNo