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Role of Religious Coping in the Lives of Rural Working Women
, Manjari Singh
Published in Academy of Management
Volume: 2016
Issue: 1
Religion holds a unique position in personal lives of individuals but is often ignored in organizational context. The study positions the importance of religious coping in lives of rural working women by proposing the Positive Religious Coping Model. Results from the multisource longitudinal study on accredited social health activists in India show the three functions of religious coping in this model viz. Work Life Positive Religious Coping Function, Stressor Moderated Religious Coping Function and Religious Coping Moderated Performance Enhancement Function. It shows enhancing effect of religious coping on job satisfaction and job performance, the diminishing effect on work to family conflict and exhaustion. Further, the moderating role of work to family conflict and exhaustion in the relation between religious coping and job satisfaction was established. Lastly, the enhancing effect of religious coping in the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance was studied. The theoretical, philosophical and practical implications are also discussed. The recognition of religion as an important facet of employee life would make working in organizations more meaningful. By ignoring positive aspects of religion, organisations may limit their employees' ability to cope with undesirable outcomes and enhance positive outcomes.
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JournalAcademy of Management Proceedings
PublisherAcademy of Management
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