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Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for specialty retail segment
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The retail vertical of Wipro Technologies addresses the IT needs of the customers who are in retail business. Specialty retailers, in the US geography, are one segment that this retail vertical addresses. This report identifies the different categories of specialty retailers and chooses Consumer Electronics Retailers, Home Improvement retailers and Office Supply retailers as the target segment. An analysis of the IT deployed by these retailers is used as a basis for identifying the cross-selling opportunities. While addressing this segment, Wipro has competition from Indian companies and the "Big Four" consulting companies. This report tries to analyze competition and recommends the positioning strategy that Wipro may consider to implement. The report begins with the analysis of the retail environment and moves onto analyze the specialty retail segment. The next section details the IT deployment that has been done by different categories of specialty retailers. The next section analyses the competition to Wipro in addressing these categories, while the concluding section addresses the recommendations on the positioning strategy for Wipro. The primary audience of this report is the marketing function within the retail vertical of Wipro Technologies.

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