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Self-Organized Forms: Contingent factor
Published in researchgate.net

New models of organizational designs – eg, self-organized forms - are being sought out due to combination of business complexity and the rate of change. Self-organized forms are seen as key in driving innovation and creativity, and preempting and managing the fast-changing business landscape. Choices about organization design represent a powerful strategic lever available to management; it brings coherence between organizational goals, patterns of division of labor, inter-unit coordination and people (Galbraith, 1977). Through scores of research, we know that environment and internal fit considerations – technology, industry, employee population, size, customer, geography spread – have a powerful say on design choices. In this paper, we investigate if industry typologies can be contingent factor for evolution of self-organized forms.

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JournalBusiness Systems Laboratory- Proceedings
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    Self-organized forms
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    Contingency factors in information
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