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Simultaneous Evaluation of Pro-Self and Prosocial Bonus Schemes: Implications for Newer Management Policies towards Social Betterment
, Sahay Arvind
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Prosocial bonuses are incentive schemes where people get bonus money to spend on social causes or colleagues that can potentially improve functioning and satisfaction. It is not yet clear how people would evaluate and choose when simultaneously pro-self and prosocial options are posed. We presented three alternatives simultaneously for a bonus that could be spent on oneself or colleagues or poor people. Two studies measured predicted satisfaction for these alternative ways of spending the bonus and a third study examined whether people would indeed opt to spend a real monetary bonus prosocially when a pro-self option is available. Results provided converging evidences in support of prosocial bonuses if it is spent on poor people but not on colleagues.
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JournalIndian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
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