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Spirituality, as a construct, is studied widely, but not deeply. This paper points out the loopholes in the conceptualization of spirituality and thereby reexamines the relationship of spirituality with stress using Vedic Measure of Spirituality (VMS). VMS clearly defines spirituality without confusing it with religion. The empirical examination of 391 managers showed that VMS and its dimensions were negatively related with stress. The paper also examined the role of age and level of management. The results showed significant differences in the means of stress and spirituality between different age groups and between different levels of management. Junior managers scored lower on Fortitude dimension of VMS as compared to middle and senior managers. Age moderated the relationship between Fortitude and Stress. Middle level managers showed higher level of stress as compared to junior and senior managers. Interaction effect of age and level of management on stress was significant. In case of junior managers, stress increased with age while in case of senior managers, stress reduced with age. The paper emphasizes the importance of demographic characteristics so as to better understand the stress-spirituality relationship.

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