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Stealing My Thunder Systematically
Published in XUB
Volume: 8
Pages: 1 - 23

The case explores the dilemma faced by one such software engineer when her ideas are repeatedly poached by her team leader. He claims credit for her ideas, while her contribution goes unrecognized. Although she is competent and committed, in many ways she is a cultural misfit at her workplace. The principles to which she adheres make it difficult for her to accept the aggressive self-promotion that characterizes the behaviour of her team leader. She has grown up believing that one's work should speak for itself; that merit and hard work will be rewarded; that stealing other people's ideas is unethical. She has to strike a balance between cooperation and competition, assert herself and claim credit for work done, and yet ensure she does not antagonize her peers and seniors.

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JournalJournal of Case Research
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