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Sustainable Aggregation: A Comparative Study of'For Profit'and'For Society'Mobile Crowdsourced Transportation Services
, S S Sohani, B Varkkey
Published in
Volume: 114

Ride-sharing aggregators have gained in prominence as an essential symbol of the participative economy. As these aggregators mature, the focus has now shifted to the sustainability and social impact of the business models that underlie their operations. In this article, we explore these aggregators from the lens of the transportation providers who are attached to these aggregators. Through a field-based qualitative exercise, we explore the sustainability of aggregators who follow the commercial aggregation model and one that follows the social aggregation model. We find that the drivers attached with the social aggregation model, apart from having a stronger revenue stream, are more embedded in their jobs resulting in a higher societal impact and better customer service.

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JournalAcademy of Management Global Proceedings
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